With the advancing technology and

the innovative means of marketing,

manufacturing, and delivering goods

globally, companies are expanding

their business into previously unreachable

markets. The advent of this explosion of

commerce creates great opportunities to

improve and streamline the process to

support such growth in this new paradigm.

Our solution is focused on improving the

management of the reverse side of the Commerce

and Supply Chain or Reverse Commerce Management - RCM.


Built on Internet standard software, Returngoods was designed as a complete
intuitive solution to help our customers address the challenges of managing the
return process. From your customers down to your, suppliers, manufacturers,
distributors, and outsource logistics companies, Returngoods improves the
RCM interaction and communication.


The Returngoods platform is built on a Web-component
architecture offering unmatched reliability, scalability, flexibility, and performance.
The system includes redundant processes for maximum system uptime, and
supports the distribution of software functions and services across multiple
servers, providing the reliability and scalability needed for large, mission-critical
deployments. Designed to integrate seamlessly with leading ERP and call center
database via the VDS™ (Virtual Data Synchronization).

Standard & Professional Edition

 Customer Control

 Product Management

 RMA Processing

 Receiving Processing

 Serial Number Tracking

 Discrepancy Tracking

 Reports And Analysis

 Account Posting Management

 Shipping Management

 Message Pad

 Price Management

 E-mail Notification Management