Returngoods is a leading Enterprise Collaborative Reverse

Commerce solution. Returngoods Hosted Platform enables

manufactures, distributors, suppliers, and outsourcing business

partners to collaborate and efficiently manage the complete

reverse commerce process. The solution can streamline the most

complicated business processes and provides large ROI quickly.

Returngoods is Cloud computing and can be implemented as

on-site intranet solutions.


The advancement in software technology have enable companies
to build, market, deliver, and improve customer interaction more
efficiently then every before. Billions of dollars are invested to
gain a competitive advantage on the forward logistics or the sell
side of the business. Equally as important as the sell side of the business is the
reverse side. Research indicates that it costs companies ten times as much to get

a customer than to retain one. Therefore, creating a positive customer experience

in the return process is critical in retaining your customers. The ensuing activities beyond the customer interaction present a large opportunity for companies to

recover lost revenue, reduce cost, and increase productivity while increasing

customer satisfaction.

This overlooked process called Reverse Supply Chain Management has been
estimated to cost companies in excess of $90 Billion. Companies who can manage
the return process and accelerate remarketing their returned products will gain
competitive advantage by adding previously lost profits to their bottom line.

Returngoods Software, Inc. was founded in 2005 to provide a solution that creates
a positive experience for customer returns, and improve efficiency in the back end
process management for the distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, and outsource
vendors. The solution enable our customers to realized quick ROI from improving
the process of managing the product returns and the ensuing activities of repair,
refurbish, repackage, recycle, and remarket.